Le Temps des Cerises

Le Temps des Cerises was born in 1998 in Marseille, France, from a father-daughter association — who were respectively a former denim antiquarian, creator of the famous American second-hand clothes shop "Propagande" in Marseille, and a former stylist.

Pub Le Temps des CerisesThe duet had a passion for textile matters, "rags" and genuine clothing, with a particular fondness for "used" clothing. Thus, the original vintage culture has remained the leading spirit behind Le Temps des Cerises, and so through every successive seasons. Any Le Temps des Cerises pair of jeans has to be absolutely identifiable as a vintage pair of pants.

Le Temps des Cerises has been able to impose its style and appear as a true pioneer in the field of faded wash. The Le Temps des Cerises trademark has become a standard for innovation in the denim industry. Le Temps des Cerises is now distributed in over 1000 stores and meets with true international success (Belgium, Netherlands, Germany…).

Pub Le Temps des CerisesNow a source of inspiration for many, Le Temps des Cerises for women and Japan Rags for men appear as driving forces that, through the sense of revival they carry, revitalize the jeans in France and in Europe.

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