Created in 1978 by Renzo Rosso, Diesel in the past few years has been the number 1 denim brand worldwide.

Irony and provocation, such is the trademark of Diesel's communication. With its explosive marketing campaigns, Diesel has made its mark in the upmarket fashion world with one motto: freedom — that is, going beyond the trends and looking for inspiration all over the world.

Legend has it that the name Diesel was chosen because it is pronounced pretty much the same in most languages.

Diesel started out by making clothes for women and for men, mainly jeans.
Diesel outsources the largest part of its clothes manufacturing.
The Diesel Jeans are mostly made in Italy, which explains their high pricing. As an offspring of urban culture, theDiesel style strives to create a luxury, used-looking type of jeans.

It takes three hours to make a pair of Diesel Jeans: the denim is washed, then washed again, scratched with sandpaper, sprayed with potassium, and oven-heated… Unlike other brands of men's and women's clothing, Diesel has insisted on keeping its production in Europe, for reasons of employment, quality, and swiftness.

Diesel campaign pubToday Diesel has become a standard in the world of fashion, imposing new codes in the realm of creators and of classical luxury. What Diesel offers all of its fans is a spirit, a genuine frame of mind.